1. This photo had a real impact on me as a 14 year old.

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  2. Saffy: It’s a sticker with a green tree on it.
    Edina: Yes.
    Saffy: What does that mean?
    Edina: Kind to trees, sweetie.
    Saffy: How are they kind to trees?
    Edina: Well they ain’t made of wood, how kind do you want!?

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    Patsy Stone / Absolutely Fabulous


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    POOL BOY #3

    Treasure Fingers & Bosco - Names
    Caribou - Dive
    Joe Goddard - Cool it Down
    TCTS - Trust
    Bondax - All I See
    Kaytranada - Leave Me Alone (ft. Shay Lia)
    Cut Copy - Meet Me in a House of Love (Nile Delta Remix)
    Mickey - Holding Hands
    Tinashe - Stunt
    Phoenix - Bankrupt! (Gesaffelstein Remix)

    thanks once again to Kyle Humphrey for his awesome artwork and thank u everybody for listening B-)

    download the mix here




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    In a few hours we’ll have burned our very first screen!


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    Pals 🌴🌵🌿🍃🌴


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    Hélio Oiticica  @ Inhotim in Brumadinho/Brazil

    The Invention of Colour, 2010